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COMPLETE END-TO-END EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE This software has been specially designed for managing activities of any educational institutes including schools,  colleges, universities and tution academies. This system is fully equipped with advance features of keeping records  with fully functional modules of Human Resource, Students, Examination System, Mobile SMS, Fee Maanagement,  Web Portal, Reporting and many more.  It is a web base application and work on both Internet and Intranet.  EIMS has a strong feature of managing multiple branches and monitoring from one single location. This software has no limitation of storing records, specially designed for easy fast searching and tracking.


As an administrator, we know you want to increase enrollment, improve communications, and get parents more  involved. You want to get rid of your outdated school management software, and switch to an integrated,  completely cloud-based school management and student information system. EIMS does it all. A single,  complete school management system to accommodate the varied needs of administrators, teachers, parents,  and students. •  One point solution for total educational institute Management •  Reflect Your Institute's unique character •  Helps build image of a modern techno savvy institution •  Reduce papers/files, save environment and money •  Run it on your intranet or internet •  Cloud Server ready architecture, host and use •  User friendly application interface, multiple themes •  Engineered to be customization friendly •  Enabled internet front-end for school portal •  Secure and reliable, satisfy all modern security standards •  Process depending on automation, not on people •  Work flow automation •  Online information available on finger tips •  Searchable archive of historical data •  Modules wise pricing structure •  Low cost of ownership and maintenance •  Automated processes leading to improved resource allocation and sharing •  High scalability and reliability to support your growth and needs •  24/7 support availability to help you whenever you encounter a problem or have a question


If you are interested to view demo of the software or having any query, please feel free to send email at: info@adroitsol.com 
available in moile application and web application
    Reliability                       Scalability also requires reliability. EIMS is capable of dealing gracefully with errors, not stopping at the first sign of trouble. Additionally, it is easily to separately monitor                                                        the presence and performance of each component of the system, in order that support staff can identify and deal with any errors or overload that does occur.                         
  The needs of clients are constantly changing, so you need a system that is adaptable to meet future needs. Cloud systems can efficiently adapt to changing environments   by adding new technologies, and new functionalities, and instantly making them available to clients.
Security is also highly important for any system. EIMS satisfies all modern web security standards. The  disadvantage of making it easy to find school information is that it also makes it easy for this information to fall  into the wrong hands. Defined security lines are implemented right from the beginning of EIMS development. EIMS has the concept of users permissions/rights. Passwords are stored in the database using a standard encryption  algorithm
Low Up-Front Costs
When using EIMS as a service, the customer does not have to make large upfront investments in hardware,  operating systems, databases, software licenses, IT staff, and ongoing overhead costs. It requires no client-owned or managed infrastructure other than Internet access, and can be entirely supported on an infrastructure provided by the SaaS supplier.